Diamond class: 111 Skin's black diamond cream

What’s the USP? Super-high-tech and super-expensive skincare from Harley Street cosmetic  surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides, incorporating a patent-pending formula called NAC Y2 that helps regenerate and hydrate skin cells from within.


Hero product? The Celestial Black Diamond Cream (£539, Harrods.com) whose microparticles are meant to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, the better to deliver their restorative ingredients.


Why the name? After the address of Dr Alexandrides’ clinic in Harley Street (yes, it’s number 111).  

How new is it? Launched last year.  

I’d try…? The  Y Theorem NAC Y2 Facelift Repair Serum (£171, at Harrods) which is full of the brand’s key ingredients. Less is more when you come to use it –  – too much and it leaves skin oddly sticky.