By Karen Heath

If you have walked through Covent Garden recently then you may well have noticed the fabulous, bright and super-colourful  makeup store with the funny name on St James’s Street, which leads up from the Covent Garden Piazza to the tube station.


 Candy for grown-up girls. Candy for grown-up girls.


3INA, pronouced Mina (the number 3 is basically a capital letter M, rotated on its side), had its global launch in London’s Covent Garden back in February this year.

Described as bold and brave, the brand aims to turn beauty on its head by closing the gap between prestige and mass market make-up, to give a luxe feel and finish at a fraction of the cost.


The brainchild of cosmetics industry stalwarts Pablo Riviera and Mark Eve and backed by the likes of Tom Singh (of New Look), it launched with a massive 450 products in six categories; eyes, lips, face, skincare, nails and tools, and new products have continued to launch every three weeks. 

Hero products include the Pen Eyeliner in vivid colours, the Longwear Lipstick, the Matte & Smooth Primer and  the nail polish collection.

Prices start at £2.95 for an eye pencil, up to £18.95 for a luxury foundation and if you can’t make it to the Covent Garden store then the full range is available at 3ina.com.