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5 questions to ask before getting toxins

15th October 2019

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If you’re considering getting toxins or other anti-wrinkle injections for the first time then you’re probably a little bit nervous about what the results may look like. You will have a consultation with your practitioner before he or she prescribes toxins and sets about your face with a needle,but it’s good to know what sort of questions you should ask during this consultation. If you think your mind might go blank there’s nothing wrong with making a note of these questions and taking them along with you.



What are the potential problems with toxins and other anti-wrinkle injections?

As with any injections, there can be bruising or bleeding at the injection site, but the main issues with toxins stems from over-treatment. Too much of it results in a frozen looking face that we’ve seen so often on celebrities and one that can’t express emotion. If muscles are poleaxed with toxins for too long or too often and don’t get the chance to regain their full range of motion, they may begin to waste away through lack of use. Inexpert injecting can lead to drooping of the eyelid or brown, which will last until the effects of the toxin start to wear off – another good reason for starting with a low dose.


What will my results be like and how long will they last?

Everybody reacts differently to anti-wrinkle injections such as toxins, but on average the results will last between three and six months. How long they will last depends on how much of the product was used in the first place, and how fast your muscles recover their function. At eight weeks the movement start to return and at 12 weeks there is about 50% of normal movement. Most people choose to have treatment every 4-6 months to maintain results.


How much is the cost and what’s the pricing structure?

toxins is either charged by the unit or by the treatment area, but it will also depend on whether it’s being injected by a dermatologist, aesthetic doctor or nurse-prescriber and also where the practice is located. Big city practices tend to be more expensive but this may not always be the case. At Superdrug, where treatment is done by experienced aesthetic nurses, prices start at £99 per area. In Harley Street, experienced aesthetic nurses trained by the leading experts whose clinics they work for charge from £150 an area, whereas those leading experts may charge around £500 for a treatment.  Price shouldn’t be your number one concern, it’s far better to find a reputable practitioner who you trust and who will use their skill, experience and judgement to give you natural-looking results.


What side effects could I expect?

The most common side effect is small red needle-marks at the site of the injection. As toxins is injected  with a fine needle it doesn’t usually result in a bruise. However, sometimes the needle may hit a tiny blood vessel and cause a small bruise, which will fade over a week or so and can always be covered up with concealer, from the following day.


can i come back for a review at two weeks?

It takes up to two weeks to see the final results of anti-wrinkle injections such as toxins, so most clinics offer a review to see exactly how it has worked and whether it has achieved the look you had hoped for. At this point the practitioner can give further injections if needed, which are usually done without any further cost.



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