Power-up your workout: 6 Energy

What is it?   It’s a daily shot of vitamins packed with 120mg of caffeine (that’s a strong espresso’s-worth), designed to give an energy boost pre- or post-workout or for anyone with an active lifestyle.

What’s the USP?  It’s easy to take, tastes good probably due to the acai berries and promises to: support the immune system, improve mental function and performance, support energy release and reduce tiredness and fatigue. However they don’t come cheap (£2.50 for a 60ml bottle, 6vitaminshot.co.uk) and I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather swallow a good multi-vitamin along with a flat white.


How new is it? Launched last year.

I’d try… keeping one in the glove compartment of your car in case you find yourself getting sleepy at the wheel.