Ageing Gracefully? Not Me!

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Ageing gracefully – it’s such a lovely idea. It sounds good, and it’s something that gets a lot of praise, but do you know what goes on in the face when it ages? There is nothing graceful about it. The skull shrinks, the jawline diminishes, the eye sockets expand, the fat pads in the face dwindle and shrink so they drop from where they are useful up around the cheekbones, and they collect around the jaw where they’re really not wanted at all.

We lose pigment from the eyebrows and the lips, the eyelashes become sparse, the skin wrinkles and collapse into folds, it starts to look very dull – what’s graceful about that? Nobody’s face ages gracefully unless they happen to have insanely good bone structure and look fabulous with grey hair.

So if you want to age gracefully, fantastic! Go for it. But for me, I know it’s not a popular view, but I’m going to be fighting it every step of the way.