Fresh and new AKA



What is it? A modern British make-up collection consisting of eye, lip and nail products.

What’s the USP? 

AKA has three signature looks: Demure, Smokey Eyes and Carnival (name of the Quads) which can all be achieved with the AKA products. It’s celebrating the playfulness of make-up.


Hero product? 

The Lip Gloss (£7, akacosmetics.com), it’s non-sticky and the pigmentation is great. It’s actually a gloss-stain hybrid.


Why the name? 

AKA stands for Also Known As, describing the transformation everyone goes through when putting on make-up. AKA stands for your alter ego; you can be anything you want to be.


How new is it? It launched in 2012.  

I’d try… Any of it. It’s a good quality brand at a reasonable price.