All I want is ‘this’ little change.

We’ve all tried it. We’ve all looked in the mirror, put our fingers on our cheekbones and pulled the skin up and back a bit…. It seems like such a tiny change which would make all the difference in our faces. Surely, all we need to do is find a practitioner who can do it for us. There must be some simple tweakments…

But it’s not quite that simple. Watch the video to find out why, or read the transcript below.  


A lot of people go to practitioners and say, all I want is ‘this’ — and put their fingers on the sides of their cheeks and move them upwards and outwards.

But when the practitioners starts talking about all the different procedures they might do, that gets a bit worrying, because it sound a lot of work to you, when all you wanted was this one little thing.

And then you tend to drop me a line and say, ‘I’ve been offered all these procedures, am I being taken for a ride?’ and the answer is no, because when your skin has got to the stage where you’re doing that little movement to  your face to improve it, actually quite a lot has happened in your face already.

The skull is shrinking, the volume is falling away from cheeks, the skin is becoming slacker. So, in order to address all those things, it actually takes quite a bit of work.

You would need filler, deep structural filler on the cheeks, the point of  the jaw and the chin to prop up that structure from the inside. You would want volumising filler in the cheeks and in the lips, to help soften the face and you might want skin tightening procedures to firm and tighten the skin.

So, all in all doing this, isn’t quite so easy as it might seem. So, go with what your practitioner is saying. Listen to all the procedures they are offering and work out a plan, but the awful truth is, that is isn’t as quick a fix as you would think.