posted by Karen Heath


The 1970s in a bottle!

What is it?  It’s the relaunch of the fabulous 70’s iconic, deliciously orangey perfume and toiletry brand, complete with retro 70’s packaging. Ironically brought back by the power of modern media – there have been online campaigns and social media groups clamouring for its return – this nostalgic brand conjures up the past and in my case my childhood when I loved to reach up and grab the bottles off my older sisters’ dressing tables as they hovered nervously over me. I loved the packaging, the shape of the bottles,  and the refreshing, intense scent.


Hero product? Undoubtedly the fragrance (£39.99,


How new is it? 
It relaunches this month.


I’d try… Grab the gift set (£39.99) with a small perfume, soap and talc and just wallow in the fragrance, which really has stood the test of time.