All the minerals - and vitamins, and oils - that you need: Archeia


What is it?  Yet another beauty supplement – this time for improving hair, skin and nails.

What’s the USP?  Put together by trichologist and nutritional expert Sara G Allison and biologist Dr Rachel Grant who have researched, meticulously, all the ingredients that would be of most benefit and crammed them all into a daily dose of pills. At the launch event last week, Sara explained just how crucial nutrition is in getting hair to look its best, and how, whatever other treatments they were having, she would always send patients away with a list of different supplements to help their hair back to optimum health… so eventually she decided to come up with her own brand and blend, that had in it everything that she would recommend, and joined forces with Dr Rachel.  


How new is it? Launched  this week. And it’s not just supplements; there’s already a face-cream in the pipeline, which will appear next year, a lovely, ‘natural’ concoction free from all the things people want cosmetics to be free from and majoring on essential oils. Dr Rachel told us about this at the launch and though I had my sceptical ears on and was rudely inclined to dismiss her claims about what a huge difference it had made to her skin, I have to say that the sample she gave out is worth buying simply for its smell alone, which is heavenly (and it’s a good smoothing, soothing moisturiser, too). 

I’d try it… If you’re committed. Each pack costs £67.99 (at  and, as the information leaflet that comes with the product points out that, as with any beauty-supplements, you need to take the stuff consistently for at least four months to see a difference (because your body regards hair and nails as second-class citizens when it’s doling out the nutrients that you’ve consumed, and they only get what’s left over when the rest of you has had enough, so you need to keep on packing in the goodness in order to get the benefits, and also because of the length of time it takes for your hair and nails to grow). Also, a word of warning – the capsules are quite big and there are seven of them to swallow every day. Having said that, it looks as if everything you need has been packed in here, from omega-3s (from British-grown linseed), via copper, iron, zinc and magnesium, to vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, D and selenium and biotin (vital for nails) besides.