Modern potion: Argentum

What’s the USP? A new brand with olde-apothecary looks and a super-modern formula, designed to give you an all-encompassing, spiritual-as-well-as-physical way to treat wrinkles.


Hero product? La Potion Infinie, above, which costs £147 at and contains an impressive bunch of ingredients, from a ‘silver hydrosol and DNA HP’ complex on which there is a patent pending, to high-strength antioxidants and a specially-created fragrance, for an all-round-wellbeing effect. 


Why the name? Argentum is the chemical name for silver – after the Silver Hydrosol which is one of the product’s key ingredients.  

How new is it? Launched this spring.  

I’d try…? The potion… I haven’t tried it yet so can’t comment but it sounds intriguing.