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As clinics reopen – what’s the new normal for tweakments?

15th June 2020



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Finally, after 12 long weeks, clinics offering cosmetic procedures are starting to reopen. A few of them opened a week or so ago; most are waiting for the start of July, and making their preparations.

As some of you have been asking me whether this is ok and legal, I thought I’d put up this post to say yes, absolutely it seems to be ok  – for medical practitioners who are following the correct protocols.

What do you mean, ‘seems to be ok’?

Seems? Earlier this month, BCAM  the British College of Aesthetic Medicine)s ought a legal opinion on the issue, and following this, their members are starting to ease back into business.

Others are waiting, having been advised by their insurance companies that premature opening could be construed as non-compliance with government guidelines.

Sharon Bennett, leading aesthetic practitioner and chair of BACN (the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) added: ‘Just to clarify,  we can all open now if we are medical – not just members of BCAM … however the litmus test is whether the treatment is given for a medical purpose or not. Some toxins are given for migraine or hyperhidrosis [excessive sweating]. But because we deliver a medical service but more often for a treatment that is a cosmetic need then most practitioners including my own members of BACN feel that it would be prudent to wait until July when we can be certain that our full service, not just treatments for medical need, can commence.’

What will it be like in a clinic?

Your next  tweakments appointment may look a little different than your usual trip. It is important that you get in touch with your clinic in advance to check just what is required of you, however in the meantime, have a look through the outline below and make sure you are doing everything you can to keep yourself and those around you safe.  Here are some of the things that you may expect.

Before you go: You’ll have a consultation online, to discuss your treatment. Following this, you’ll make the booking for your appointment on the phone or online, and any forms that need signing before your treatment will need to be completed beforehand, probably online.

Come on your own: you can’t bring a friend to hold your hand.

Arrive on time: there’s no hanging around in the waiting room any more. Most places will ask you to wait outside the clinic til the exact time, then come in when they tell you, and go straight into the treatment room.

Prepare to be scanned: clinics may take your temperature on arrival; some are considering installing automated temperature-scanning door-opening systems.

Bring a mask: Once inside, you’ll need to sanitise your hands and pop on a mask if you aren’t already wearing one. At least until you get into the treatment room.

Forget the tea or coffee: the only drinks on offer will be bottles of water, but…

Don’t expect to use the bathroom: most clinics say they’re keeping the lavatories off limits, unless you’re going to be at the clinic for a long time.

Come bare-faced: It is best to arrive without makeup, that way the staff members do not have to risk exposure when removing it.

Brace yourself for the sight of your practitioner: they look a bit different behind all that PPE

Eterno 360
Fulvio Urso-Baiarda and his staff at @eterno360, ready for business, picture from the clinic Instagram.


  • Don’t touch the doors! A member of clinic staff will usher you through, reducing the number of surfaces you need to touch.
  • Pay in advance: If you don’t fancy paying in advance, pay by card – the card machine will be being cleaned each time it is used.
  • Payments: You will be asked to pay for your treatment in the room, by credit or debit card only. The Credit card machine will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use.
  • Invoices: We will be operating a paperless policy so invoices will be e-mailed to you straight away after your payment.
  • Departure: Your Practitioner will be walking you out of the clinic ensuring you have minimal contact with any surfaces.
  • Scheduling next appointments: these will be followed up your practitioner with a phone call after your treatments to lessen the time spent in clinic.

   Below: behind the Mask: Dr Wassim Taktouk, of the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

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