Cleansing and nourishing: Balmology

What is it?  100% natural skincare made with certified organic, cold-pressed plant oils, essential oils and beeswax.


What’s the USP? A water-free formula, which means the range can be completely free from preservatives and also free from synthetic ingredients, fragrances or fillers.  


Hero product? The Neroli & Sweet Basil Cleansing Balm (£21, A gorgeous, only-just-solid-at-room-temperature, oil-based cleanser that gently melts away grime, sweat and make-up as you work it into your skin.  Massaging this lovely stuff into your face at the end of the day makes the simple act of cleansing feel like a luxurious treat rather than a must-do chore. 


Why the name? Over to Catherine Lewis, creator of the brand:  “Having gone through the usual brainstorming exercises I was going round in circles and beginning to think I would never come up with a name that was either original or catchy. Then out of the blue,  ‘Balmology’ popped into my head. I immediately looked up the dictionary definition of ‘ology’ to find it to be a “subject of study; a branch of knowledge” – this seemed perfect to me as the study of balms was precisely what I had been had been doing for the previous three years.”

How new is it? As a brand, it has been around since Autumn 2011. Catherine had been mixing up potions for family and friends for a few years before that, but the tipping point where she gave up her job to focus on the getting the brand off the ground came two years ago. 


I’d try… that lovely cleanser for starters, and also Nourish (£26), a neroli and frankincence moisturising balm that, like the cleanser, is water-free, so good for delicate, dry skins.