High in fibre and protein, low in sugar and calories: Be Skinny Drink Me

What is it?  A protein-packed powder that you can mix up with water or milk as a filling-but-only-92-calorie snack or meal replacement. 

What’s the USP? The protein content (from pea protein), along with glucomannan fibre (to keep you feeling full), antioxidant polyphenols  and inulin (prebiotic, for digestive health). The company behind it, Rejuvenated, which has already brought us drinkable Collagen Shots and Hydrate (a moisturising-from-within supplement) sees this product less as a starve-yourself-slim diet aid and more as a quick something that busy women can snarf as they rush through their jam-packed days. ‘I’m  really aware that most people are confused about what they should and shouldn’t eat and too often starve themselves,’ says Kathryn Danzey, who runs Rejuvenated. ‘I see too many girls in the beauty industry who don’t have time for lunch and for them and others I thought this was a great way to top up during the day. It’s really important to have a healthy balanced diet alongside this product so we have put a free e-book on the website which is full of recipes and healthy-eating advice.’


How new is it? 
Just launched. It costs £17.50 for a pack (14 servings) from  

I’ve tried… the Banana and Butterscotch version, which tastes fine (the sweetener is stevia) and depending on how precisely you mix it (it’s supposed to be 1 scoop of powder in 300ml water) can be more milk-shakey than watery in texture. I then had to get out of the kitchen, pronto, as my stomach wasn’t convinced it had been fed, but half an hour later, I realised I did feel quite full (and quite lively – thanks to the green tea the product contains, which means it’s not something to use as a supper-substitute). I’ll be keeping it on my desk to stave off snack-attacks in the run-up to Christmas…