by Karen Heath


Drink yourself beautiful!



What is it? They’re a range of three beauty-drinks or nutricosmetics, as they would prefer to be called.


There are three drinks in the range; Vitality, Radiance and Anti-aging and each bottle is designed to feed and nourish your skin with a range of ‘MacroAntioxidants’, which are antioxidant beneficial bioactives and macromolecules that protect, regenerate and strengthen the skin. As a result they promise to minimise the effects free radicals have on your skin along with reducing fatigue, stimulating skin regeneration, detoxifying and protecting skin from internal and external aggressors. 


It all sounds very promising and at only 35 calories per 100ml they won’t ruin your diet if you’re a calorie counter, however, despite the fact that they are sweetened with stevia and have ‘no added sugars’ each bottle has the equivalent of nearly 3 teaspoons of sugars, so expect a sugar high followed by a dip. Personally I prefer to spend my daily sugar quota on a glass of wine. (That would be red wine of course, full of skin-beneficial Resveratol!).


Find Beauty & Go at for £2.99.