Beauty Guru: Dr Stefanie Williams

Want five expert tips for improving your skin in the New Year? These ones below come from the brilliant dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams who runs the Eudelo clinic in London (and, yes, has fabulously clear and fresh-looking skin). I love Dr Stefanie for her thoughtful and practical approach to skincare, for her light touch with anti-ageing treatments and particularly because along with raising three children and running her clinic, she made time to write a book called Future Proof Your Skin. This is based on her own detailed research into the scientific literature on how what you eat affects how you age and it makes fascinating reading (here’s a link to a piece I did for the Mail about it, a rather simplistic overview but it will give you the gist).

And now for those tips.


1.) Every day: use effective skincare

Whatever your age, make sure to get a personalised, evidence-based skincare regime put together by a dermatologist  – not the department store’s beauty counter!


2.) Every night: get enough sleep

Avoid accumulating sleep debt. Seven to eight hours of restorative sleep each night is extremely important not only for our overall health, but also for our skin, as not only stress, but also lack of sleep will contribute to premature skin ageing.


3.) Every month: give your skin a treat

To keep your skin in top shape from your 30s onwards, have a regenerative treatment such as a Dermatology Grade Facial, a Laser Facial or a Carboxy Facial regularly every month. This supports collagen production and slows down the skin’s ageing process on a cellular level.


4.) Every year: check those moles

Once per year, have a routine full body mole check with a dermatologist. This is quick, painless and could save your life.


5.) Don’t put up with spots

Don’t accept your breakouts as a given  – and don’t get them treated in a salon! Acne is not “just one of those things”, it’s a skin disease (even if you think it’s just mild breakouts) with massive impact on the quality of life of sufferers. All acne is treatable and if left untreated can leave life-long scarring. What other potentially scarring facial skin condition would you leave without proper treatment? None, so make sure to see a dermatologist for early treatment.