Beauty guru of the week: Dr Jane Leonard

 GP, aesthetic doctor, skin expert, bio-identical hormone specialist: Dr Jane Leonard  GP, aesthetic doctor, skin expert, bio-identical hormone specialist: Dr Jane Leonard 

Just a quick post to introduce my new girl-crush, Dr Jane Leonard, above. She trained as a GP then took time out to study dermatology, which led on to training in aesthetic medicine – that’s Botox and fillers and all the rest. I hear she’s a dab hand at all this (not least, thanks to having specialised, during her studies, in the anatomy of the face and neck) but even more interestingly, she is also a specialist in bio-identical hormones, one of the hot topics in beauty and wellness just now. 

I know from personal experience how bio-identical hormones can help ease the slide through menopause  — I have been taking the things for around seven years ever since my hormone levels started to dip, and go to Dr Nyjon Eccles at HB Health; it’s expensive but frankly, worth every penny for the way it gets rid of the mental fuzziness that can creep in in mid-life, not to mention the hot flushes. They also stop your skin from getting that flat, faded look that settles in once your oestrogen levels plummet and collagen production in the skin grinds to a halt. 

What I hadn’t realised, but what Jane told me this morning, is that these bio-identicals are also brilliant for easing the symptoms of acute PMT in younger women, too (what it takes is just a touch of progesterone, otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’). 

So the particular newness here is the bringing together of aesthetics and bio-identicals, which feels very much like the way forward for the modern face. At the moment, Dr Jane divides her time between being a GP in Manchester, and doing aesthetic work in both Manchester and London. She is currently in discussions with a leading Harley Street cosmetic clinic where I suspect she will be swamped with eager clients. I’ll update this when that happens; for now, you can find her through her website here. 

PS, She also has a thoughtful, quiet manner and errs on the side of ‘less is more’ when it comes to injecting. Just so you know.