Blowdry? Faux dry, from Blowpro

What is it? A new range of upmarket hairstyling products to help you achieve a professional finish for your home coiffure. 

What’s the USP? The line comes from Stuart Sklar, the former L’Oreal man who founded Blow, New York’s first blow-dry bar nearly 10 years ago, so when it comes to how to get a great blow-out, he knows his onions. As it were.


Hero product? ‘They’re all heroes,’ says Sklar, who was in London this week to launch the line. ‘They’re solutions to the common problems people have with blowdrying – the time it takes, the unpredictable results, and the fact that the results don’t last. Blowpro products make hair styling easier, faster and give longer-lasting results.’


How new is it? Launching in a couple of weeks’ time, at Superdrug.    

I’d try… The Textstyle Dry Texture Spray, £10.99, or the Faux Dry Dry Shampoo, £9.99, though you might prefer the Blow Up Root Lift Concentrate, £9.99…