Cell booster: Bluemarines

What is it? Spanish skincare brand that’s launching into the UK via Birchbox.

What’s the USP? ‘Products to suit your lifestyle’. Their website is gorgeous — all fresh and engaging and colourful — and there’s a great selection of products, from basic skincare to anti-ageing.  


Hero product? SkinLife Energetic Cellular Cream, £35on Birchbox  — a lightweight, easily-absorbed cream packed with skin-supporting cream ingredients (concentrated peptides, designed to stimulate and protect the skin’s stem cells).

How new is it? Launching this month.   

I’d try… That Cellular cream, above – as creams go, it has a super-light, yoghurty texture, very little in the way of smell, and absorbs fully into the skin, so it’s great for those of us with an oilier skin texture.