Protection for your skin: Body Armour

What’s the USP? 

Formulated by cosmetic scientist Stacey Irving and based on natural ingredients, chiefly Babassu Oil, which provides a natural protective film for the skin.


Hero product? The unisex Face Cream (£18 on the Body Armour website) which is particularly good for combination skin. Very nice and straightforward to use, sinks in well and hydrates and nourishes without leaving your face looking like an oil slick. 


Why the name? To help you face the world with that bit more protection for your skin.

How new is it? Launched within the past year.   

I’d try… Definitely that face cream. I also really liked the Body Lotion (£15) which also has a pleasant, light, fragrance, is properly hydrating and yet super-absorbable. Nice edgy packaging, too.