Nice as pie: Boutique

What is it? New range of make-up… 

What’s the USP? …that’s luxe-looking but competitively priced, developed by Sainsbury working in association with two make-up artists, Jo Saville and Sophia Price, who are now the brand’s ambassadors. 


Hero product? Bit early to say (it hasn’t quite launched yet) but the lip gloss is a cracker, lovely and smooth without being sticky or over-shiny and a bargain at £6. 


Cross your fingers: Boutique

Why the name? For the word’s chic-and-exclusive connotations, at a guess.  

How new is it? Launching in September at branches of Sainsbury nationwide.   

I’d … get in store and have a good play and see what you like best – there’s a full range, from lipsticks and eye shadows to nail varnish and accessories. Ignore the shade names whose jovial wittiness gets a bit exhausting after a while (‘Mum’s the word’, ‘Cross your Fingers’, ‘Forty Winks’) and concentrate on the textures, which are really nice.