Clean Peel: Brad

What’s the USP? ‘Pared-down, potent skincare’ says the founder, though there’s nothing simple about this line. It’s ‘Biophotonic’ skincare which works to transform the skin through powerful violet light and unique bio-fermented blends of highly active multi-peptides, potent plant compounds and a rich infusion of protective antioxidant minerals. Phew. Not just another best-of-naturals brand, then. 


Hero product? The Ultra Peel (£141, which contains such a list of exfoliating and brightening ingredients – glycolic acid, lactic acid, kojic acid, licorice, bearberry  — that it’s no wonder that it stings a bit when you put it on. So use with caution. 


Why the name? In honour of the founder, Brad Hunter, who discovered the biophotonic effects of violet light (which preserve and energize the ingredients in the formulae) during research for another skincare project.  

How new is it? Launch in the States in 2010, it has just landed in the UK.   

I’d try… Any of it – it’s fascinating stuff. The Ultra Peel is the key product, closely followed by the Ultra Elastin Lift, full of proteins and peptides and muscle-relaxing Argireline (£170).