Byredo’s addictive new fragrance


 Thick with leather and ylang-ylang, and utterly addictive: Byredo's new Cuir Obscur Thick with leather and ylang-ylang, and utterly addictive: Byredo’s new Cuir Obscur


It’s hard not to love Byredo. From the clever blends of fragrance notes to the elegant simplicity of the bottles, everything about them seems just right.


Now I love dark, thick, leathery fragrances (rather more the people around me love them, but hey) and having sniffed my way along the row of new Byredo offerings, from the complex and flowery Heliotropia which is launching into Liberty any minute now (imagine the smell of all the flowers in a Liberty-print dress compressed into a jar, and you’ll be getting there), to the new hair-fragrance version of the tantalising, sandalwood and creamy amber Mojave Ghost, it soon became clear that Cuir Obscur is my firm favourite.


Technically, it’s got amaretto and nutmeg on the top, ylang-ylang (which I normally loathe, but here it’s terrific) and Arabian rose in the heart, and black leather, golden patchouli and midnight musks in the base, so yes, it’s quite powerful. It’s a bit like black eyeliner – if you pile it on the night before, a good deal of it will still be with you in the morning. It might not be a classic summery smell, but it will do me just fine.

It is launching exclusively at Harrods in mid July, at £135 for 100ml