You''ll be good enough to eat.

What is it? It’s an all natural self tanner from Santa Monica, which creates a natural colour while nourishing the skin. It comes in two levels; Lite which is a moisturiser with a bit of a tan, and Glow that has a deeper colour.



What’s the USP?  Self-tan is, say the makers, one of the most chemical laden products in the beauty industry. Chocolate Sun claims to be free from all these undesireable chemicals, and uses natural colour from beets to give a natural glow, though yes, the tanning ingredient is, as usual, DHA. This is all combined with coconut oil and shea butter to nourish the skin as you would expect…. it smells of chocolate.


Hero product? Chocolate Sun Glow (£24, which is packed with skin nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate your skin coupled with naturally derived skin tints to enhance the skin tone and green tea and cocoa bean extracts (both powerful antioxidants) to help protect.


Why the name? It’s to do with the pure cocoa content that makes it smell of chocolate. 


How new is it? 
It launched in the UK in July 2013.


I’d try… Using it when you’ve got a chocolate craving – it might just work to distract you …. but then again you might just be driven to that secret bar you’ve stashed away.