Clayspray Masque white pore refining Bottle and Box

What’s the USP? It’s a pure clay emulsion – something that hasn’t been created before — so it’s a futuristic take on a beauty therapy that’s old as the hills.


Hero product? The White Clay Pore Refining Masque (£44.50),


Why the name? Who could forget a name like this?   

How new is it? Brand new, just launched in the UK.   

I’d try…? Any of them. I had a go with the Pore Refining White Clay Masque (above), which emerges from the dispenser in a beautifully smooth ribbon. I was slightly disappointed to find that you don’t spray it directly onto your face, but then, heavens, what a mess that would make. And it is easy to wash off, too, and leaves skin feeling smooth and, yes, refined.