Cleansing waters

Quick cleanse: B Pure Micellar water

Bioderma Sensibio H₂O

Cleansing waters are having a bit of a moment. Any French cosmetic brand worth its salt (Vichy, La Roche Posay, Darphin, Caudalie) has one of these in its line up, and while some have been available in the UK, they haven’t really hit the mainstream. But so many are launching just now that I reckon quite  soon we’ll all have one on our bathroom shelf.

Technically, these things are known as micellar waters. A ‘micelle’ is a tiny liquid crystal which is able to pick up oil, so a solution of these makes a great cleanser (if you want a full explanation of how the science works, try the excellent Colin’s Beauty Pages).

The point about micellar cleansing waters is that they’re quick and easy to use – all in one, no rinsing, just wipe and walk – the grown-up version of face-wipes, if you like. They’re also very gentle on the skin yet can deal with make-up and lipstick, too.

The one that beauty junkies have raved about for years is Bioderma’s Crealine, which has will be launching here shortly, and will be called Sensibio H₂O (£9.97, though I haven’t tried it yet. One to start with, if you’re curious about what these things can do, is from the new B range at Superdrug (£4.99); a bargain and nice to use though it leaves skin a trifle sticky. Eau Thermale Avene’s Micellar lotion (£12.50) is great but leaves skin a touch dry. Darphin’s Azahar Micellar Water isn’t new, but is just perfect though, it’s £48, ouch, albeit for a huge 500ml bottle. And for anyone who really wants to splash out, Sisley’s one is fab, naturally, but it’s also £69.