Crystal Clear COMCIT – aka the popcorn facial

Crystal Clear COMCIT – aka the popcorn facial
November 11, 2015

What’s in a name? When I told people I was going to try the COMCIT facial, they looked blank – though to be fair, so did I; I didn’t know until I was told that it stands for Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy and even that didn’t get much idea of what it was going to be like.

If I’d said I was going to give the ‘popcorn’ facial a whirl, they’re have been intrigued… especially when I say it’s one of those treatments that gives instant results. 
High tech
COMCIT is the latest offering from Crystal Clear skincare and like many of the newest facials it is so high-tech that it’s more in the ‘effective’ than ‘indulgent’ category. It is not a pampering experience, though the lovely Clare Peters, who did the treatment for me at the Joshi clinic, made up for all the techy machinery with lovely soothing cleansing beforehand and a relaxing mask and shoulder-massage afterwards. 
Embrace the spiky roller
The main part of the treatment takes less than half an hour and because it’s based on medical needling – which means having the MicroChanelling Roller with its many tiny very sharp spikes raced around your face, over and over – 20 minutes of that is plenty, even when it’s being wielded by a light hand like Clare’s. The point of the needling is that it creates tiny holes or ‘channels’ into the skin, which has two key benefits. The direct assault galvanises the skin into self-repair-mode, generating extra collagen and elastin deep down in the dermis,  and while those holes are there in your skin (they don’t last long, because they are so small and because the skin repairs itself so quickly)  they allow the special serum that Clare had spread all over my skin beforehand — the COMCIT Cellular Infusion Solution, which contains a bunch of skin-repairing active ingredients including vitamin C, plant stem-cell extract and moisturising hyaluronic acid —  to get right into the skin, to help this regeneration process along. 
The popcorn bit 
Then comes the Puncture Jet Oxygen machine, which emits a blast of oxygen under such pressure that it squeaked as Clare works it over my face. So it felt very strange but it had the most amazing soothing effect while at the same time plumping up the skin — a bit like popping corn, as the skin cells seemed to inflate. It just felt cool and a bit odd, but to show me the effect, Clare did the treatment on half my face first and there was a noticeable difference on the treated side.  
What amazed me was that after all that work with the roller, my skin looked perfectly normal, with only a little redness, which retreated within an hour or so. In terms of instant results – my skin was impressively plumped up, though it felt a bit rough for the next couple of days (so it’s not something to be done just before a special event), as the effects of the needling settled down, but it has looked refreshed and smoother since. Crystal Clear recommends doing a course of treatments, a month or so apart, for best results. At £200 per treatment, that’s quite an investment, though at least it is based on procedures that have a good track record of producing the desired results.