Cult 51




glamour: Cult 51

What is it?  Luxury “3D” night cream.  

What’s the USP? Contains a bunch of ‘scientifically advanced ingredients at the highest concentrations’ to encourage cell regeneration, promote collagen production and reduce wrinkles and age spots.  


Hero product? It’s just the one cream (rather than a range) which costs £125 at Fortnum & Mason, or from Though there is now a fragrance on the site as well. 


Why the name? After the 51 benefits it offers, from sorting out dark circles under eyes, to increasing cellular energy and ‘lifting skin tissue’. 

How new is it? Launched last summer.   

Believe the hype? I think we probably should. The cream has been put together by luxury skincare developer Richard Mears who is an old hand at this game, and trials on the product have found that it can alleviate wrinkling, dryness etc enough to knock five years of testers’ ages within six weeks.