Fruity beauty!



What is it? A premium luxury skincare range using certified organic, fresh and full-strength pharmaceutical ingredients. 

What’s the USP? It’s based on fruit stem-cell technology, using fresh fruits including cherries, grapefruits and apples.


Hero product?  The Overnight Fruit Lift Creme (£75,abeautifulworld.co.uk), which despite looking a little like fruity-fragranced, cold custard in the tub is a true multi-tasker. Part mask, part exfoliant it combines pharma strength Co-Enzyme Q10, plus natural active ingredients from cherries to boost collagen production and refine and resurface the skin while providing deep hydration, all while you sleep.



Why the name? The name Dahliana comes from the Dahlia Flower, which is beautiful and safe for the environment, and represents a brand that brings purity and radiance to the skincare market.



How new is it? It launched in the UK in May 2013.


I’d try… 
The Refreshing Citrus Cleanser (£19) which is packed with vitamin C and is a lovely refreshing cleanser to use morning and night.