What is it and what’s the USP?  It’s a natural skincare range with a high concentration of active ingredients, hand-made in the South Downs. Created by two friends and scientists who taught themselves how to make creams and lotions that were high quality but natural, affordable and effective, too.


Oils for oily skin.

Hero product? The Moisturiser No 1a for dry skin (£10, dashskincare.co.uk). Cocoa butter, olive and avocado oils, vitamin E… lovely. 


Why the name? Nothing to do with being in a hurry; the two friends and scientists who created the brand are called Di and Ash.

How new is it?  Launched earlier this year.


I’d try… The Rebalancing Skin Oil (£10.50) which is ideal for spotty, combination and blotchy skin. No, oil doesn’t seem the obvious answer for oily, spot-prone skin but this blend has active ingredients to counteract excessive oil production and doesn’t feel too oily. Rebalancing jojoba, thistle, hemp and sesame oils are blended with antiseptic thyme, lemon and tea tree and healing cedarwood and lavender.