The one and only: Dr Jackson's No 1 Skin Cream

What is it? Minimalist range of thoughtfully formulated products  from Dr Simon Jackson, a pharmacognosist (someone who studies medicines derived from natural sources) who has spent his career researching the potential of traditional medicines in locations ranging from the rainforests of the Amazon and Indonesia to tropical forests in sub-Saharan Africa. 

What’s the USP? Natural, organic, effective products based on the principles of Pharmacognosy (see above), presented in gorgeous, olde-apothecary-style bottles.


Hero product? Dr Jackson’s No 1 Signature Skin Cream SPF20(£80, www.drjackson.co.uk, Liberty, Harvey Nichols and BeautyMart at Harvey Nichols).


How new is it? Launched last autumn.    

I’d try…? That cream (though I bet the new facial oil, aka product no 3, is lovely, too). Dr J doesn’t do things in a hurry – he’s been working up to producing this range for 17 years – and the signature cream contains kigelia, baobab, shea butter and marula oil – see his website for a beautifully clear and science-based explanation of just why these ingredients are so extremely beneficial for the skin.