by Karen Heath


Dr Salts

What is it?  Launched last year, it’s a brand of unprocessed bathing salts from the natural reserves of the Dead Sea and the Himalayan mountains.


Bathing in naturally occurring salts has been renowned for centuries for their therapeutic effects. Packed full of minerals such as magnesium, potassium and sodium, the salts can, among other things, help stimulate circulation, detoxify and hydrate the skin, help promote cell regeneration, reduce muscle and joint inflammation, reduce stress and help sleep. All you have to do is pour a couple of handfuls into a warm bath and relax in it for about 20 minutes.


Dr Salts+ has four different therapy salts in their range; three using salt from the Dead Sea which have been combined with essential oils to maximise their benefits and one from the Himalayas.


Find them at Waitrose.com or Sainsburys.com for £6.99