Feel the vibe: Electric Body cream

What is it?  Very unusual range from New Zealand with just three products – a body polish, a body spray and a use-all-over-from-top-to-toe beauty cream. 

What’s the USP? The skin elixir styles itself as the ‘world’s first ‘live’ cream’. That doesn’t mean brimming with bacteria, as you might find in ‘live’ yoghurt, but rather that the key ingredient is ‘live’ dairy colostrum, which is combined with other holistic-favourite ingredients such as colloidal silver, organic aloe vera and blueberry. And if you’re wondering, yes, it is pure enough to eat.


Hero product? The Skin Elixir (£115 for 50ml, www.electricbody.eu) which is intended to cover all bases and replace many of the other creams you might have on the bathroom shelf – eye cream, day cream, night cream, lip salve, cuticle oil, aftershave balm… It’s also reputed to do wonders for wound-healing and for soothing eczema. 


Why the name? Because it energises the whole body — in a way that can be picked up, like an aura, with the right kind of ‘electrophotography’ (I’m guessing the scientists will have stopped reading by now…)

How new is it? Launched in the UK a couple of years ago but not exactly ‘established’ yet, hence this post.   

I’d try it … if you’re really into all this holistic, aura-boosting naturalness. I don’t quite get the ‘magic’ bit, though there are plenty of glowing testimonials on the website from skincare therapists who absolutely adore the stuff.