Endymed – great results




I’ve blogged before about Endymed while I was having the course of treatment during last winter. The details about this treatment, which uses intense radiofrequency waves to improve the skin, are here http://alicehartdavis.com/index.php/endyme/ but I realise that what I hadn’t got round to blogging was the results – which were impressive.

Three months after two treatments of skin-tightening Endymed Intensif and two of skin-resurfacing Endymed FSR, I went back to the Waterhouse Young clinic for the final assessment of my face using a Visia machine (which takes pictures of the skin under different light conditions) to assess everything from UV damage to the extent of my pores. Each of the Endymed treatments were done a month apart, and along with the treatments, I had been using the skincare prescribed by the clinic, which included a 0.5 per cent Retinol product every other night, 

I can rarely detect a difference in my own skin — looking at it in the bathroom mirror every day, the changes creep up too slowly to be noticeable — but knew that it was looking good from the number of people who told me just that (though in this business, people always tell each other that they’re looking good, usually in the hope of eliciting some insider secret along the lines of ‘Oh, it’s my amazing new make-up primer/  raw juice diet/ surgeon…’)

But the Visia machine thought my skin was looking considerably better, too, as did Dr Mica Engel who made the assessment. ‘Your skin looks a lot brighter,’ she said. ‘I can see that even without the machine. That’s because the treatment has broken down and cleared some of your pigmentation. Your cheekbones are better defined, because the skin has been tightened, which gives a lifting effect, and it looks plumper, too. As a result of this, your nose to mouth lines are less obvious, which gives a lift to the face and of course it’s completely non-invasive. The size of your pores is reduced – it’s very clear to see this on your nose. also, because the skin has tightened over the whole face, the ‘marionette’ lines that run down vertically from the corners of the month are less obvious.’ 

That’s all extremely impressive. I’m particularly impressed by the way the tightening and plumping of the skin (thanks to the new collagen that the treatment had generated) had given me better cheekbones, and by the way it had reduced the obviousness of the pores on my nose, which have been a bugbear for as long as I can remember (the score for my pores, as measured by the machine, has gone from a rather high 936 to a much improved 596). Another number that was considerably reduced was for porphyrins (bacterial excretions on the skin, which shows the extent of skin bacteria), which Dr Mica thought would be because there were fewer congested pores and also fewer spots. 

So, a great improvement, since it was both visible and measurable. 

My programme consisted of 2 x Endymed Intensif and 2 x Endymed FSR treatments, each a month apart, along with daily use of Endocare Tensage Serum and Retriderm Retinol 0.5% (which, being a wimp, was all I could tolerate, and only every second or third night, at that).