Eastern Treat: ERB

What is it and what’s the USP?  A luxury Thai spa range aimed at the twenty-something woman, using certified organic ingredients, and taking its inspiration from royal Siamese herbal rituals.


Hero product? The Eastern Treat range (£19, which includes ingredients such as mint, rice cream and jasmine.



Why the name? It’s pronounced the same as “herb” in English and derives from an old Thai expression, “Erb-Im!”, meaning “radiantly grow” an expression of a flourishing happy and healthy person.


How new is it? Although well established in Thailand it has only just become available in the UK.


I’d try… Well, for the sheer novelty of it it would have to be Up in Arms Underarms Detox Mask (£17), which is a mousse that you pop on under the arms ten minutes before showering to get rid of ‘toxins’, impurities, odour residues and to clear out blocked follicles. And if you’re really obsessed with your pits and their beautification, you can follow up with the Underarm Skin Toner (£16). It takes all sorts…