New brand: Esthechoc

24th March, 2016 by Karen Heath

Chocolate that is good for you?

There is a god after all! But it sounds too good to be true! 

However in March 2015 Cambridge Beauty Chocolate launched Estechoc, an anti-ageing chocolate which claims to reduce wrinkles. It’s taken ten years of research and medical trials by scientists from Cambridge University to develop.

Basically the chocolate is enriched with algae-derived extracts that boost the circulation of the skin. This results in more oxygen saturation giving healthier, smoother and more luminous skin.

And at only 38 kcal per 7.5g bar it’s not going to pile on the weight. 

This is one skincare supplement that certainly won’t be hard to swallow ; I can vouch for the chocolate being delicious.

As for the results? Sadly I can’t vouch for those as I only managed to get my hands on about three bars (sad face), whereas you need to eat a bar a day for three weeks to see a difference.

If you’re tempted you can find them at for £35 for a 21 day supply.