Etat Pur

Transparency: Etat Pur


What is it? Effective and great-value French skincare

What’s the USP? Multiple USPs (is that a contradiction in terms?). This is ‘biomimetic’ skincare, which I’m told means that it uses pure and active ingredients chosen for their affinity with the skin. Then there’s the very reasonable prices for such specialised products and finally the large number of single-ingredient products.

Why the name? Because of the brand’s emphasis  both on the purity of their ingredients and on their transparency in their dealings (they try to cut out unneccessary spending on, eg, packaging, to benefit the consumer).

Hero product? LW Hyaluronic Acid pure Active A06, £14.20 — a layer of pure moisture for thirsty skin.

How new is it? Not new in France, but new over here last year

What’s it like to use? Great stuff, particularly if you fancy taking a pick-and-mix approach to your skin care. So in addition to whatever the main moisturising product you choose, you might want, say, a little bottle of salicylic acid in case of occasional breakouts, and one of Hyaluronic Acid for days when your skin feels super-dry. The downside is that you need a bit of help and advice to work out exactly what will work best for you but the website can help guide you.

I’d try: the salicylic acid (£9.40), or their particularly-gentle micellar cleansing water (£6.40).