Goddess mascara: Eye of Horus

What is it?  It’s a cult Aussie range of Goddess eye make-up based on ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients and it’s the brainchild of Holly Spierings, whose sensitivity to eye make-up inspired her to come up with a gentler and natural mascara formula which led to the whole range of eye make-up.



What’s the USP? Inspired by the dramatic eyes of the ancient Egyptians, it’s formulated with Moringa Oil which was known as the “oil of the Pharaohs” because of its beautifying and regenerating powers.



Hero product? The Goddess Mascara (£17, eyeofhoruscosmetics.co.uk), a non-clogging formula with lashings of Moringa oil, which is good for sensitive eyes, brittle lashes and is ok to use on eyelash extensions.



Why the name? The Ancient Egyptian Symbol of Eye of Horus ensures healing, wisdom and prosperity to its bearer. And there’s the ‘eye’ symbol, too.


How new is it? 
It launches this month in the UK.