EYEBROW-RAISING (or, would YOU try the ‘Dracula facial’ treatment on your eyebrows?

 For brows like Cara's... some people will try almost anything, including PRP  For brows like Cara’s… some people will try almost anything, including PRP 

Followers of the beauty business will already be aware of PRP — the ‘Dracula’ treatment where platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from a vial of your own blood, then injected back into your face to make the skin look fresher and smoother  (and followers of Kim Kardashian will feel this is old hat, as she tried this back in 2013 and posted a picture of her bloodied face online). 

Does it work? The cosmetic doctors who offer the treatment (naturally) say that it is brilliant for skin and also for stimulating hair growth in the scalp; those who don’t offer it have a less enthusiastic view. But anyway, I’m told that the very latest thing area that is popular for PRP is the eyebrows, to boost brows depleted by years of plucking, or indeed by age or cancer treatment. It sounds a bit OTT but Victoria Smith of Absolute Aesthetics has been using it on her clients for a while and finds it has a 96 per cent success rate. Enough to make even the sceptical raise an eyebrow. 

I haven’t tried it but am planning to have a bit of semi-permanent make-up on my brows (that sounds better than ‘having my brows tattooed’, doesn’t it?) soon, so I’ll let you know how that goes in due course. 

Eyebrow PRP,  £1,300 at Absolute Aesthetics, London W1