by Karen Heath

What is it? We weren’t sure that this initially counted as a ‘beauty’ product, but bearing in mind you only look as good as you feel we decided it deserved a space in this blog.

For the morning after the night before.


Faust’s Potions sound like something out a Roald Dahl novel but they are strictly for adults. Forget a fry-up, black coffee or tomato juice with a raw egg and a shot of vodka, these potions are designed to sort you out ‘the morning after’.


The Asleep formula contains electrolytes for rehydration while 5HTP boosts serotonin levels to help with digestion. Amino acid N-Acetyl Cysteine tackles toxins and honey eliminates alcohol from the bloodstream.


Better still, when you know you’re in for session, pre-load with the Awake Potion, which contains green tea, electrolytes, guarana, ginseng, B-vitamins and vitamin C, or at the very least swig it down before bed.


Faust’s Potions Recovery Pack, £5 (contains one Awake Potion and one Asleep Potion), faustspotions.com