Eyes right: Filorga's Optim-Eyes

What is it? Premium anti-ageing skincare from the Filorga Laboratories, in France. 

What’s the USP? High-tech  products inspired by aesthetic medicine –  the skincare equivalent of peels and fillers for your face.



Hero product? Optim Eye (£38), a product which sells at the rate of one of every two minutes. This contains an ingredient called NCFT which is Filorga’s exlusive anti-aging formula containing 53 ingredients “designed to stimulate the vital function of cells, encourage protein synthesis and optimise skin metabolism”. The result of which is it claims to have a triple action on the eye contour, dealing with wrinkles, dark circles and bags. According to their own tests, 22 volunteers saw a 19% decrease in their dark circles in 56 days.



Why the name? I’m told that ‘fil’ is French for string and ‘orga’ is short for organism. Which means? No, I don’t get it, either.

How new is it? The brand has been in the UK since last year, in the Marks & Spencer beauty halls  

I’d try…? That eye cream, or the Sleep and Peel resurfacing night cream, which I’m told Lady Gaga can’t live (or rather, sleep) without.