Nano-plump: Forlle'd


What is it? Super-high-tech range of cosmeceutical skincare from Japan. And before you ask, it’s pronounced For-led

What’s the USP? The low-molecular-weight anti-ageing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, that it contains. Ok, ok, I’ll attempt to explain, or you can find a neat little video on Hyaluronic acid is a brilliant moisturising and skin-plumping ingredient because it holds thousands of times its own weight in water. But it has a high molecular weight, ie it’s a large molecule, so it can’t get deep into the skin… unless you use the latest technology to produce a micro-version of that molecule, which is what Forlle’d’s scientists have done. These mini-molecules are only five nanometres across, so they can slip down through the tiny spaces between the skin’s cells (these intra-cellular spaces are, I’m told, between 15 and 50 nanometres in size), to reach the deeper layers of the skin and help the skin-renewal and re-plumping processes from there. 


Hero product? The serums, such as the P-effect Essence, which is designed to create moisture reserves deep within the skin with its nano-particles of Hyaluronic Acid, and its pearl proteins that strengthen the skin. The Platinum lotion, in the picture, is firming, soothing and anti-inflammatory, and tackles pigmentation, too. The prices? High (£203, and £77 respectively) and the products are only available through salons that offer Forlle’d treatments.   

How new is it? Launched in 2011, so not brand new, but so very different and still so very exclusive and niche that I thought it deserved a mention.