Drink yourself beautifult: Fountain

What is it? a beautifying food supplement, aka ‘The Beauty Molecule’

What’s the USP? High-strength anti-oxidant supplement containing Resveratrol (the substance found in grape skins which is what gives red wine its health benefits). And why do we want it? Because antioxidants help counteract the destructive actions of free radical molecules in the body, and particularly because study at Harvard this year demonstrated what researchers called conclusive evidence that Resveratrol directly activates a protein that promotes health and longevity. And when the body is healthy, the skin looks better…


Hero product? This is it, £24.99, at Boots and


Why the name? Fountain of youth, innit? 

How new is it? Just launched. You may have seen the advertising blitz in papers, on phone boxes, on hoardings, and wondered what it was. Now you know

I’d try it…  for sure  – there’s hyaluronic acid in there, too, which acts as a delivery-system for the Resveratrol, to get it to where it’s needed. You only need to take a teaspoon of the stuff a day. It tastes like cough medicine – ie not bad, which is quite an achievement given that Resveratrol is famed for its disgusting flavour — or you can dilute it in water or juice, which is even less challenging, taste-wise.