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Four of the best: Advanced facials

By Georgia Seago
10th November 2022

We’re huge fans of advanced facials at TTG. Blending high-tech modalities like vortex cleansing, LED light and oxygen infusion with tried-and-tested treatments like skin peels and microneedling, these facials are the perfect first step into the world of tweakments.

Better yet, our favourite advanced facials are designed to be super-personalised, so if there’s a skin concern or two you’d like to address in particular, these treatments can be tailored towards what your skin needs at any given time. Read on for four of the best high-tech advanced facials, what they involve, and how they can transform your skin.

Best for a proper cleanse for congested skin: HydraFacial

The most popular water fusion-type facial, HydraFacial, uses patented vortex-fusion technology to cleanse the skin, extract clogged pores and hydrate. It’s a deep-cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating facial that gives your skin a quick acid peel and plumps it with nourishing serums, all in the space of under an hour.

It uses a patented hydra-dermabrasion delivery system to get deeper into the skin and do more than a normal facial. It gives an instant, gratifying glow and, if repeated over time as a maintenance treatment, has long-term skin-health benefits. The treatment includes lymphatic drainage, gentle exfoliation, painless suction extractions, infusion of antioxidants, and LED light application.

Suitable for anyone and everyone, HydraFacial is brilliant at getting skin super clean, but it’s good for more than just getting the gunk out of your pores. The addition of lymphatic drainage, LED light and supercharged ‘Boosters’ from premium skincare brands takes this advanced facial to another level. One treatment per month is recommended to get skin in tip-top condition, and depending on your skin’s specific needs, cumulative benefits can include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved texture and tone, and long-term oil control.

Price: £125
USPs: Gentle but effective exfoliation
Lasts for: 10 days

Find out more about HydraFacial

Best for transforming sensitised, inflamed skin: BYONIK

The BYONIK method is a facial with a difference. The star of the show is a truly unique type of laser called a Pulse Triggered Laser (PTL). This patented method delivers LLLT (low-level laser therapy) energy into your skin in sync with your pulse and skin cell breathing cycle, meaning the treatment really is tailored to each individual and their skin’s needs.

The BYONIK PTL repairs the skin at a cellular level, rejuvenating, repairing and protecting the skin at all layers, and within the skin cells to reduce inflammation and provide deep, long-lasting hydration while simultaneously detoxifying the cells, optimising and boosting their immunity to support skin healing and repair.

BYONIK achieves impressive results on highly-compromised, inflamed skin – and there’s not usually all that much you can do with devices for skin that’s in that sort of state. It’s unique because it doesn’t rely on thermal or mechanical injury for a wound-healing response and skin improvement, again, making it suitable for angry or upset skin. Instead, BYONIK is completely non-invasive and non-traumatic to the skin and doesn’t even leave any redness.

Price range: £180-£250
USPs: Supports highly compromised, barrier-impaired skins
Lasts for: Clinical effects within the skin for up to 1 month

Find out more about BYONIK

Best for all-round skin improvement: SkinStorm

SkinStorm is all about improving the skin through a multi-layered, mechanical treatment – think of it as an advanced facial on steroids. It’s made by Crystal Clear, a brand best known for its microdermabrasion and microneedling machines, found in high-end salons throughout the UK. Each of the six technologies in the treatment have been chosen to bring about real change to the skin, improving the visible appearance of concerns and improving its function on a deeper level.

These technologies include stimulating bouts of  ice-needling and ice-peeling, which are counteracted by LED light therapy, by the low temperatures of the products that are used, and by a special solution of Topical Dissolved Oxygen, all of which de-stress the skin.

SkinStorm brings together effective, high-tech modalities for a does-it-all facial treatment that works on skin above and below the surface. Despite all that needling, peeling and resurfacing, skin is left nice and calm with a distinct lack of redness (what we call erythema) thanks to the super-cooled serums, LED lights and that special dissolved oxygen. The treatment can be tailored to suit different skin types, so it’s good for wrinkly, older skins as well as acnefied younger ones. You can also expect a noticeable improvement in clarity and texture – skin is left silky smooth.

Price: Around £150
USPs: ‘Needle-free filler’ element temporarily plumps skin
Lasts for: 2 weeks

Find out more about SkinStorm


Best for smoothing texture and brightening up pigmentation: WOW Facial

WOW Facial (so-called because of the exclamation clients make when they see their skin after the treatment) is a six-step hyper-personalised facial focused on delivering skin solutions. The professional protocol gives immediate results, and if the treatment is repeated on a regular basis, WOW Facial is designed to improve the skin’s health over time. It combines cleansing, acid peeling, microneeding, LED light, a stem-cell-rich mask and finishing products; and can help with a multitude of skin concerns.

This professional treatment is truly an advanced facial – effective modalities, clinical-grade products and a bespoke approach to each client and their skin needs. It’s suitable for any skin type, tone and age, and can be performed at any time of the year without increasing skin sensitivity. The calming LED and soothing collagen-based sheet mask accelerate skin into repair mode following the peeling and needling stages, ensuring every client leaves with smooth, glowing skin and minimal redness. It’s also a good choice for those who want to clear pigmentation thanks to the specially formulated peel and needling solution packed with brightening acids and tyrosinase inhibitors.

Price: Around £150
USPs: WOW Fusion needling device delivers skincare actives intra-dermally
Lasts for: 3 months

Find out more about WOW Facial


The Tweakments Guide Takeaway

Deep cleansing, pigmentation-tackling, inflammation-soothing or needle-free plumping – whatever your skin needs, these advanced facials can all be super-personalised to really improve your skin.

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