Keep it kind: Fresh Kidz deodorants

What is it? New brand of deodorants for teens and tweens, made without parabens or aluminium salts, from (£2.99-£3.29, at Boots). 

What’s the USP? Gentle deodorizing formulas designed for sensitive younger skin. Natural ingredients provide odour-protection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, while allowing the skin to breathe.


Why the name? Keepin’ it street, yeah?

How new is it? Launched earlier this year. 

I’d try…? Well, I dished them out among my three teenagers but they didn’t give them a rapturous reception. The younger two never quite got round to using them while the eldest said ‘Look mum, I sweat. I need anti-perspirant. This is just a nice smell…’ Also, I’m happy for mine to use regular anti-perspirant deodorants (these don’t cause cancer, honestly). But if they were younger? Then I might well want to have a more natural, if less effective, option to tackle BO. Children are starting puberty ever-earlier, and it’s a confusing and embarrassing time before you factor in smelly armpits.