Is it a nail polish? Is it a gel?

What is it and what’s the USP?   It’s an all-in-one gel polish hybrid that comes with a rather brilliant portable LED lamp that can be plugged into the computer via a USB port or the car socket, and dries  nails in thirty seconds. It’s a basecoat, colour and topcoat in one that is as easy to apply as a nail polish yet performs like a gel and comes in 12 different colours (£35 for starter kit including colour, lamp and polish removal kit, and £15 for individual colours, boots.com)




Streaky but secure: Fuse

Why the name? FUSE is because it’s a fusion of a gel and a polish.


How new is it? It launched in January this year.


What’s it like? Remarkably easy to use – having got everything out of the box and looked at it and then run away to do something else a few times, when I finally knuckled down to it and followed the instructions, it was perfectly easy. You need to do one nail at a time and buff, cleanse, then paint and set the varnish with the little light, then wipe over again with the cleansing solution. The varnish is really thick and sticky and I found it very difficult to achieve an even, thin coat across the whole nail without getting blobs onto the cuticles and streaky patches. It’s supposed to be ‘self-levelling’; maybe I should have given each nail a bit of time to do that before setting the stuff under the light. I’m glad the instructions warn that at first, the wiped-down finish may look a little dull – it certainly did, disappointingly dull — but by the next morning everything was super-shiny and has stayed like that ever since. So I’ve got one thin layer on and although it’s not perfect, it’s just fine for the non-perfectionist and has held up so far through three days of dog-wrangling, yoga, hair-washing, washing-up and a bit of typing. Getting it off, I know, will require patience and specialised products. Hey ho.