By Karen Heath



An all-natural blend of oils.


Jua is the first foray into the world of perfume by the antipodean, natural skincare company, Trilogy, who used New Zealand-based French  perfumer Yves Dombrowsky to create this entirely natural fragrance. Jua means ‘sun’ or ‘sunshine’ in Swahili and is inspired by the lush, natural environment of Africa.


With a Tanzanian sunflower oil as a base and with a range of notes from flora, fruity and woody, this limited edition fragrance is an all-natural blend of oils and comes in a roll-on applicator, and is really very pleasant and fresh.


It has been produced with Australian charity So They Can, who work to educate and empower communities in Africa. So They Can projects are designed to build self-sufficiency with the aim of ensuring sustainable poverty alleviation. The charity invests in communities in severe need in Kenya and Tanzania,focusing on education and building the local economy. Trilogy will donate $NZ2 for every bottle that is sold globally.


Find it at at £13.50 for 75ml



Eat it, cook with it, slather it on, rub it in ........



If you’re ever stranded on a desert island you could do worse than take a supply of coconut oil with you (notwithstanding there already being a ready-supply of coconuts on the island and, of course,  your ability to shimmy up the tree to collect them).


Coconut oil must be the king of ‘multi-taskers’, in that it is not only a super-healthy, delicious and nutritious oil to eat, containing absolutely no trans-fats, but it doubles as an excellent beauty basic too.


Containing essential fatty acids that are important building blocks for healthy skin, it makes an superb hair conditioner and frizz tamer, moisturises nails and lips, acts a cheek highlighter, make-up remover and is second to none for moisturising dry skin.


It’s also naturally antibacterial and antifungal and, well, it smells like cookies.


Coconoil was created in 2005 to help Sri Lankans get their livelihoods back after the Boxing Day tsunami and uses coconuts from local farmers and individuals on the island. After much success in Sri Lanka they are now undertaking a new project in Ghana.


Choose between Sri-Lankan and Ghanaian Cold-Pressed Virgin oils for just £6.99 (free P&P) from




"One hand washes the other."


The brainchild of Anju Rupal, a social worker specialialising in gender inequalities turned entrepreneur, Abhati’s tag line sums up their philosophy – “One hand washes the other.”


Abhati, which means ‘illuminate your soul’ in Sansrit first came about after Anju visited India at the age of 22, and was shocked at the country’s lack of sanitation. Anju started the ‘Beauty with Dignity’ mission and pledged a not-inconsiderable 50% of Abhati’s proceeds to the ‘Invest in Girls’ campaign. Anju says, “We are super-passionate about empowering girls to be future agents of change and want to create a world where every girl has a right to education, access to a toilet and a life free of preventable disease.”


To create the soap Anju combined her passion for ancient beauty rituals, passed down from her mother and grandmother to create a brand that blends Indian herbology and Swiss science. She persuaded experts from Indian healers to Swiss formulators to give their time and expertise with no expectation of financial reward. The result is a high quality soap that is a a mix of herbal ingredients from two of nature’s greatest peaks. Moringa oil, known for its anti-oxidant properties from the Indian Himlayas and herbs from the Swiss Alps.


Not surprisingly, Anju’s strong sense of social responsibility also means the company seeks to create honest relationships with their employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which they do business.


“I wanted to make the West aware of the problem of open defecation and the sanitation issues around it. I also want countries like India to change and to educate their children about this taboo,” says Anju. “Abhati is more than just a product, it’s a way to impact people’s lives and empowering them. Through Abhati, we can help girls grow up in safer, cleaner conditions. And we’re positive that in their role as future leaders and mothers, their knowledge and increased awareness will be passed on to following generations.”


Powerful stuff indeed. It’s €24 from