Icelandic delight: Gy

What is it?   Pronounced ‘Gith-e-ya’, it’s an Icelandic accessories and exotic fragrance brand by fashion and beauty entrepreneur Sigrun Lilja, and  inspired and made from Iceland’s raw and natural resources. As an eco-friendly brand, Sigrun says, “We want to empower women, give the modern woman the self-confidence and mystical power of a true goddess, to capture the energy and strength from Mother Nature and give it out to the world”.


Hero product? It’s their signature fragrance, ironically entitled.. wait for it…..EFJ Eyjafuallajokull (£70, Yes, after THAT volcano that made such an impact on our lives in 2010 when its ash cloud brought our whole aviation system to a halt and had Icelanders falling about laughing at our attempts at its pronunciation. Fortunately on the plus side it’s a lovely fresh fragrance for women and the name does translate to ‘Island Mountain Glacier’. However, you may wish to learn how to pronounce it just so you’re prepared when someone asks what fabulous fragrance you’re wearing.  Just to help you here’s the advice  the BBC issued to their newsreaders during the 2010 eruption, “AY-uh-fyat-luh-YOE-kuutl-uh”. Good luck!



Why the name? Gydja means ‘goddess’ in Icelandic.



How new is it? It’s available to the UK from this month.