Helps your hair, helps the environment: Hair O'Right

What is it?   Haircare brand from Taiwan, with an eco-conscience and a bunch of awards to its credit. 

What’s the USP? ‘Harnessing the powers of nature to deliver truly exceptional, efficacious products’ (which, I fear, is something I hear so often that it’s starting to sound a bit ‘me too’)… but that’s unfair, as this looks very good. ECOCERT-certified ingredients, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the environment which means that all its products come in bottles made of biodegradeable stuff like bamboo, and these are packaged in paper cartons that are infused with seeds, so you can plant it and flowers, or even a tree, should start to grow. Plant the bottle alongside the carton, and the organic material that it breaks down into will become a fertilizer that helps the seeds to grow… all of which makes this the world’s only beauty product that, from manufacturing to disposal, will yield a negative carbon footprint. 


Hero product? Green Tea shampoo — refreshing, antioxidant and £15.75 at 


How new is it? Brand new in the UK, available on that website and soon from department stores, too.