Youth in a tube: Hand Chemistry

What is it? 

Surely, the most sophisticated hand cream ever produced, which mildly terms itself an ‘Intense Youth Complex’ for hands, from the Deciem stable of brands which has so far this year brought us Inhibitif and Fountain

What’s the USP? A concentrated, multifunctional hand cream created to target eight signs of hand ageing. (Eight? Well, there’s dryness, brown spots, loss of firmness and elasticity that together add up to wrinkles, er… what else? Density, brightness, smoothness and texture, apparently.)


How new is it? Launching just now at Boots, where it costs £18.99.  Boots expects this to be one of their top-selling products in the run-up to Christmas.    

I’d try… it right away – and, if you can bear it, just use it on one hand for a fortnight so that you can see the difference. I don’t have obvious brown spots on my hands for it to get to grips with, but after only four days, the back of the hand I’m using it on already looks fresher and healthier than the other.   It does say very clearly on the packaging that it’s intended for use on the hands and forearms only but to hell with that. Having heard chapter and verse on just how well it can make ageing skin produce more collagen, 
I’m using it on my face, too. The magic ingredient here, if you want the details, is a copper peptide complex that has been clinically proven to (a) increase skin collagen type I content by 179% in 11 days, collagen type III content by 194% in 11 days, tropo-elastin synthesis by 57% in 11 days, elastin synthesis by 190% in 11 days; (b) increase total collagen density by 760% in 60 days, skin firmness by 1,200% in 60 days, skin elasticity by 60% in 15 days; (c) decrease wrinkle depth by 15% in 15 days. On top of all that, the ingredient was compared to a single dose of collagen injection and the results of the topical were better in terms of amount of collagen in the skin.