(or should that be hogwash?)  

For a moment of madness: Bayliss & Harding Swarovski handwash

Seeing this image  arrive in my email inbox just now, I had one of those moments of realising that the beauty world is often just completely bonkers. This is a one of Debenhams’ ‘exclusive’ beauty gift offerings for Christmas. It’s a Swarovki-crystal encrusted pump-dispenser of hand-wash and it costs £200. Which is mad enough.

Even more so, because it is full not of some super-premium deluxe potion, but contains hand-wash from Bayliss & Harding, which is perfectly nice stuff but which normally sells at the bargain price of £2 for 500ml.

Which at first made me cross, then made me laugh, at it being such a fine piece of beauty-lunacy. At least it wouldn’t cost much to fill it up.